Install Copper Roofing
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Install Copper Roofing

Installing a copper roof is one of the best choices any home owner can make, be it replacing an old asphalt roof or a brand new installation.

If you want the roof of your house to stand out in your neighbourhood, then installing a cooper roofing may just give you the recognition you want. A new copper roof comes with the metallic shine that is so loved and popular. Over time, it turns into something even better, the greenish blue patina that only comes from aged copper. Having a copper roof also means you can add accessories such as lighting rods, cooper weather vanes and cooper finials to distinguish it even further.

Besides being aesthetically pleasing, a copper roof does have many advantages. A copper roof has a good fire rating, is environmental conscious and durable. A normal asphalt roof can probably last for about twenty five to thirty years while a roof made from copper can last well over one hundred years, with warranties from manufacturers lasting up to fifty years. Besides that, copper roofs will reflect heat away from the house, thus contributing to a lower cost of cooling the house down especially in the summer.

As said, copper roofs are environmentally friendly as well. Most of today’s copper roofs are made from recycled materials. In addition to this, the copper roof are also recyclable should they ever need to be replaced thus ensuring that there is no waste material from unused copper roofs.

In contrast with the traditional asphalt roof, copper roof are also very lightweight. Therefore there is no need for a much support for the installation as would a normal roof. As such, you would need less support and timber when construction your new roof. If you are just thinking of replacing the roof, then it becomes even easier as the new copper roof can just go over the existing one because it is does not weigh much. Again this will contribute to the environment because there would be less construction materials to be thrown away and add to the ever-growing landfills.

Installing a traditional asphalt roof can never be done by a normal person and would require professional services. However, copper shingles are designed so that every home owner, armed with some basic knowledge of carpentry and specialty tools can complete the project within a day or two, without the need for professional help. Again this can count as a cost saving measure especially in these economic conditions.

Installing a copper roof is one of the best choices any home owner can make, be it replacing an old asphalt roof or a brand new installation.

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